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September 4th, 2013
The third volume of Spera is coming this fall from Archaia!

Exiled princesses Pira and Lono seek the Treasure of the Waterfall, only to be confronted by the villainous Nole and Kyle, two remnants from Lono's fallen kingdom. The disastrous encounter leads to the princesses being split up and their friend -- the fire spirit Yonder -- sapped of all power.

Separated for the first time since their escape to Spera, the princesses must now journey to the forest of the wood spirit Pom in order to reunite and save their friend.

Spera: Volume III is written and edited by creator Josh Tierney and features main story art by Michael Dialynas, Meg Gandy, Cory Godbey, Amei Zhao and Sam Bosma.

The book includes short comics by Kyla Vanderklugt, Ken Niimura, series character designer and cover artist Afu Chan, Giannis Milonogiannis, Jake Wyatt and Rebecca Mock. Also included are pin-ups by Hannah Christenson, Olivier Pichard (of Atelier Sentô), Angie Wang, Emma Ríos, Ashley Davis and Shelly Chen. The book also features special endpapers created by Olivier Pichard.

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July 31st, 2013
Afu Chan and I created a FanBros Originals short comic called “Hidden Track" as part of their Fearless Future line. Read it here.

May 8th, 2013
Spera will be at TCAF!

This weekend Afu Chan, Kyla Vanderklugt, Polly Guo and I can be found at table 258, which is located in the Owlkids section on the upper floor. We will have copies of both Vol. 1 & 2, the Glass Flowers Special, free postcards and one or two surprises.

TCAF takes place this weekend during May 11th (9am-5pm) and 12th (11am-5pm) at the Toronto Reference Library. Admission is free. Learn more about the festival here.

April 17th, 2013
Spera: Vol. 1 has been nominated for an Eisner! It is among the five nominees for Best Publication for Teens (ages 13-17).

Congratulations to all the artists, and everyone else who was nominated!

February 27th, 2013
Spera: Volume II is now available in stores from Archaia!

In their quest for adventure, Princesses Pira and Lono — along with their companions, the fire spirit Yonder and warrior cat Chobo — have made their way to the big city. There they must contend with strange laws, stranger men and the strangest monsters if they wish to join the city’s prestigious Adventurer’s Guild — and then, only if the enigmatic Rale will let them!

Spera: Volume II is written and edited by creator Josh Tierney and features main story art by Giannis Milonogiannis, Kyla Vanderklugt, Afu Chan and Timothy Weaver.

The second half is comprised of short comics by Michael Dialynas, Mikkel Sommer, Paul Maybury, Kris Mukai, Zac Gorman, Louis Roskosch, Rachel S. (Baru), Julia Scott, Anna Wieszczyk (lettered by Ed Brisson), Roman Muradov and Polly Guo.

Also included are pin-ups by Afu Chan, Roxie Vizcarra, Nick Edwards, Jake Wyatt and Joanna Krótka.

We hope you enjoy the book!

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